The bunion post part 1

Here I lie, in my bed, nearly a week after bunion surgery. I’m feeling better now, more human and less uncomfortable so I thought I’d record a bit about my experiences so far.

Last Saturday I had a scarf and akin procedure done on my right foot, to deal with my bunion. A bunion is a foot deformity in which the toe has moved so it points inwards. It’s accompanied by a bump on the inner side of the foot. Here’s a short video of the scarf osteotomy (not a real operation, just animation). And here’s a diagram of the akin osteotomy.

Many people think a bunion is just the bump that develops and surgery involves just shaving that bit off. There may be procedures that do just that, but the one I had was a correction of the toe and bone, so that it heals in a straight position. It involved breaking the bone and resetting it, hence my instruction to avoid putting weight on it for two weeks until I see the doctor again. The easiest way to do that is to stay in bed. Then I’m near the loo and don’t have to manage the stairs. I’m fortunate in that I have 24/7 help so I’m able to do this. I know many people who have it done are not in this position.

My surgery was a day surgery procedure. I arrived at 7.15am at the hospital and was lucky enough to be first on the list, so was in surgery by about 8.30am. I was home by about 3pm ish, in time to watch the Labour Leadership announcement at 4.30pm!

I have been provided with a boot, which I have to put on every time I get up and go to the loo. It is designed to keep the weight on your heel when you are walking and keep it off the forefoot so the healing bone doesn’t break.

bunion boot

Bunion boot

Photo of wedge boot after bunion surgery

Darco wedge boot

My bandage is quiet thick and tight. Not a cast as I think they used to do in years gone by. It felt uncomfortable a day or so after the surgery because of swelling, but it’s considerably more comfortable now, nearly a week after surgery. I guess the swelling has gone down but obviously I can’t see my foot and won’t be able to see it until I get the dressing changed in about a week.

foot bandage after bunion surgery

I’m on Tramadol which is a post-operative analgesic for moderate to severe pain. It’s been successful for the most part and made me more comfortable although obviously you have to expect some discomfort after surgery in which bones are broken.

One thing to mention: constipation for a week! I think this is due to the analgesic and not moving around very much. Might be a good idea to get yourself some prunes if you’re having this surgery!!

I’ve been watching TV from my bed, listening to Classic FM, sleeping and snoozing (Tramadol makes me a bit drowsy), and tweeting. Remarkably I do sleep at night, even though I’m on my back and can’t really turn round because of my foot. I had my best night yet last night, only waking once and not needing a night time fix of Tramadol for the first time! Onwards and upwards.

I think that will do for now. More to come as my 6 week recovery period progresses.


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3 Responses to The bunion post part 1

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  2. ssce11 says:

    Hi again
    Ive started a wee blog to distract me from today’s pain! I had a bilateral akins and pip fusion, so if it’s okay Id like to share it?

  3. swirlingleaf says:

    Yes of course – I’ll put it in the links list. Best wishes, Julia.

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