Recovering from bunion surgery part 2

It’s one and a half weeks now after my bunion surgery. I’m feeling more human now – I’m off the Tramadol and not feeling so drowsy and odd. I had a couple of days last week of feeling quite down and frustrated, not sure if it was the medication or just the discomfort getting me down.

I’m a lot brighter now and have been downstairs a couple of times. I go down on my bum and up on my legs, but very carefully! I’m fortunate in that I have two sets of crutches. One set is from an earlier surgery I had. So one set upstairs and one set downstairs when I reach the bottom of the stairs works quite well.

I take occasional paracetomol now, to keep me comfortable and help me sleep. My foot is much more comfortable now and any pain I have is well within bearable limits.

I go to the clinic in just over a week’s time to get my bulky bandages changed so  I have to put up with them until then.

Having a wash is tricky as you can’t get the bandage wet due to risk of infection in the wound, so I have opted for having a wash at the sink every day, which is not ideal, but it’s not for ever. I’d rather do that and be sure the bandage will be kept dry. If it gets wet you have to go to your GP or a walk-in centre to get the bandage changed.

One thing that developed was acid reflux. Nothing to do with the bunion surgery. It was because I was eating in bed and not sitting up properly. I have never been bed-bound before and didn’t know the dangers of doing this. It was quite unpleasant but a few doses of Gaviscon has sorted it out, and now that I’m able to get downstairs I eat my lunch at the table and sit up in a chair for half an hour or so afterwards. Much better. I’m also using my laptop, sitting at my computer table now and I do that for a while every day to, in preparation for working at home which I will be doing soon.

I’m continuing to get brilliant care from my parents who are staying with me, and feel very fortunate that I have 24/7 help. I know other people have to struggle (during the day at least) to fend for themselves which I imagine would be very tricky. The hard thing is that you have to wear the “bunion boot” which is a bit like platform heels from the 70’s (showing my age) only it has a slight slope towards the heel so your weight goes on your heel while you walk (see picture in previous post). Or rather shuffle/plod. Also you have to use crutches which makes carrying anything really tricky.

One good thing is that the Commonwealth Games has started and I’m watching bits of that from the vantage point of my bed!

Speaking of spirits, I got two get well cards yesterday. One from work, signed by everyone, which cheered me up and made me smile. And a lovely handmade one from a friend.

get well card

Get well card

Right, time to get back onto the bed now and give my foot a rest. I think I will start to do a bit of studying sometime soon, reading one of my text books in prep for an assignment (studying  for a BA  in Theology & Religion at Oxford Brookes, and because it is distance learning it doesn’t have to stop which is great).


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