Bunion surgery rehab part 4

I had my follow up appointment at the hospital last Thursday. It was nearly three weeks since the surgery. I had an x-ray to check on the bones and that the pins were all in place. The doctor was happy with that. Then I had my dressing changed in the plaster room. The wound was healing very nicely –  all the arrows they’d drawn onto it were still nicely aligned and it looked neat. My toe looked nice and straight. It was the first time I’d seen it since before the surgery so it felt like a relief to see was had been going on under the bandages! The bandage was replaced, and this time he wrapped it round my big toe and then pulled back and outward slightly so the toe was stretched out into an exaggerated outward position. It didn’t hurt at the time, just felt kind of stretched. The purpose of this was to stretch the tendon on the right side of the big toe (in the middle of the foot)  to lengthen it, while at the same time shortening the tendon on the outside of the toe. In other words the opposite of what it had been like when I had the bunion for years. It’s like training the toe to be in the right position. This results in a visible gap between the big toe and the other toes, like a V shape. But I was assured that the toes would come together naturally in time.  I was also told to do some range of motion exercises on the big toe, pulling it back and forwards gently to try and get some movement back into the joint.

Here’s me doing my toe exercises:

Hand manipulating toe after surgery

Doing toe exercises after surgery

As you can imagine, the toe is as stiff as a board, so this needs to be done over the next three weeks. Then I will have another follow up appointment, at which time I should get rid of the big clompy boot and get a flatter shoe to wear. That will make walking easier and less lop-sided.

After my follow-up appointment on Thursday my foot was uncomfortable again when I got home. Not surprising really after being pulled around a bit. Also I was on my feet a fair bit as I had to walk to X-Ray Dept and back. But today, Sunday, I’m feeling more comfortable. I might even risk a gin and tonic later on 😉


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