Bunion story part 5

It’s now nearly 6 weeks after my scarf and akin osteotomy on my right foot to correct my bunion.

I went to my follow up on Thursday and had my bandages finally removed! And was given a flat velcro shoe to walk in.

So here is the shoe (with my now famous black and green sock!):

Photo of a flat surgical shoe

Flat surgical shoe

and here are my two (bare) feet (bit of a V shape between the big toe and second toe, but normal after surgery, and the gap should close after a while):

photo of two feet after bunion surgery on right foot

After bunion surgery on right foot

And here is the scar after 6 weeks. The lines are drawn by the surgeon to help realign the skin when sewing it back together:

photo of scar on right foot after bunion surgery

Scar on right foot 6 weeks after bunion surgery

I have some discomfort now in my toe/foot as I am now putting my weight on my forefoot for the first time in six weeks. It’s been a bit swollen and sore, but I’ve dealt with that by elevating the foot and taking an ibuprofen. Hopefully it will calm down as the foot gets used to the extra action it’s having to cope with. The big toe is very stiff. It moves backwards (or down) comfortably enough, but not upwards very well. I will need to do more range of motion exercises and put my weight forward on it so it makes it bend. It’s sore at the moment so I’m not looking forward to it, but no pain no gain.

At 6 weeks, and with the bandage off, my right foot has a lot of dead peeling skin, which is a bit unpleasant. I need to bathe it and put E45 cream on it to soften it. It’s quite normal for this to occur when you’ve had bandages on for a few weeks. Bathing my foot for the first time in 6 weeks felt a bit strange but it was pleasurable to feel the water round it.

That’s all I can say at the moment, will update again later as I learn to walk again.

UPDATE: 7TH NOVEMBER: Been out for a walk in the park today. My first real walk since the surgery. And my first outing for 6 weeks that hasn’t involved a trip to the hospital for a check up. The park isn’t far, just down my road and I managed to get there and walk for a bit with my stick. I sat on two benches to rest, then walked back. Feeling really good that I made it. My foot seems ok, bit tired but not too swollen and sore.


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