Bunion surgery recovery part 6

The toe exercises that I have been doing have paid off.  Today I managed to get a shoe on!

This one (below), is tough because it makes your toe sore. You press down on the big toe as much as you can tolerate. My toe goes a bit white when I’m doing this one. I press and hold for a few seconds.

photo of toe exercises after bunion surgery

Pressing down on big toe for as long as you can tolerate

However, the pay off is that for the first time since the surgery (on 25th September) I can get a shoe on.

So I’m in my seventh week now. And it’s one week since I had the bandages off and got rid of the wedge shoe. Not bad. I had to take it off, couldn’t leave it on but it was a real step forward to be able to do it! I’m so chuffed!!

These are my new shoes (see pic below) which I bought from Clarks. They are  extra wide fitting, and are called Edible Petal. These are ideal because I have a very stiff big toe after the surgery so I can’t flex it very much. The short front/top part means I don’t have to flex my toe that much to get it in. And the extra wide fitting (Fit EE) gets me a little bit extra room. I can’t really wear them yet, but will be able to in the near future. My foot will be liable to swelling for a while yet and so it was worth the expense of buying a decent pair of soft and easy to get on shoes!

photo of foot in shoe

Foot in shoe for the first time after bunion surgery

This morning I also succeeded in getting my foot into my Websters shoes. These are called Foxglove (see below) and are bespoke shoes, with generous fitting and a few millimeters extra in the right shoe.

photo of foot in shoe after bunion surgery

My foot in a shoe for the first time after bunion surgery

These were made for me when I had my bunion, and so the right shoe is slightly wider than the left. I walked up and down for about five minutes in these and it was a great feeling to be able to get a shoe on. It feels like a real milestone, although there’s a long way to go yet. Although they were made for my bunion foot, they are great for me while I’m transitioning from my surgical shoe into my proper shoes.

I went for another walk in the park today. I got the whole way round, that’s twice now. Very blustery weather today, but lovely autumn leaves to look at.

photo of park in autumn

Autumn park walk


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One Response to Bunion surgery recovery part 6

  1. Scott Adams says:

    It’s interesting that you got custom-made shoes to help reduce the pain while you walk. I have been needing to go in for bunion surgery soon and I’m not sure how to prepare. I can see how it would be nice to have custom shoes ready. That way it won’t take as much time to walk after the surgery.

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