Back to work – post bunion surgery: part 7

I’m back into the swing of work now. I went back just over a week ago (8 weeks after surgery). I live in London, UK and my journey involves a fairly lengthy commute from Essex into central London, taking the tube and/or train to get there.

I am fortunate in that I could fit my swollen foot into my Websters shoes (made with a wider fit), and I took my flat surgical shoe with me in my rucksack so I could put it on if my foot got too tight and uncomfortable during the day.

My first day at work was a Thursday, so I had two days at work, and then a recovery period at the weekend. I’ve also arranged to do four day weeks, using up annual leave, to take the strain off as well. When I get to work I can sit down all day so that makes it easier.

I still walk with a limp because of the big toe stiffness, but this is gradually getting better with toe exercises and by making myself push lightly off the toe when I walk, even though it is sore, because this is how it will become looser and more flexible with time.

My foot still gets swollen and sore, but it is manageable with paracetemol and ibuprofen. The wound is looking good, having fully healed up. My last stitch came out on the day that I went back to work. I now use Bio-Oil to rub into the scar to soften it and to deal with the few remaining patches of dry, hard skin from wearing the bandage for 6 weeks.

A couple of days ago I developed a sore ankle. I think this has happened because I am walking in a slightly awkward way in order to avoid the toe pain. I think this compensation has caused a strain on my tendons. Also my foot, ankle and leg lost muscle tone during the weeks of sitting and lying around (when I couldn’t do any weight bearing) and so walking again is hard at first because this muscle has to be developed again. I find it particularly tricky when walking on uneven surfaces, because the muscles in the foot and ankle not yet strong enough to do the job of supporting me, and so my tendons are probably trying to do the work instead, and have become a bit strained. I wear an ankle support to help me with this. It is pretty sore at the moment, so I’m hoping my weekend rest will calm it down a bit.

I still walk with a stick, but not because I really need to, but because I want to signal to my fellow passengers that I’m not steady on my feet and so not to bump into me or push me.

Today I got my foot into my Merrells which I haven’t worn since before the surgery. AND I stood on tip toe for the first time too! I was on tip toe and had my hand very lightly against the wall, more for balance than anything, but I could do it! I still have less upward movement in the big toe than I did before surgery, but this is improving little by little. I can also move the toe down, and scrunch it very slightly. So more movement is coming back. It’s not without pain. Yesterday I was waiting on a cold platform for the train and it really set off my pain. My big toe joint was throbbing most of the day. This morning it is quite comfortable and I haven’t taken any painkillers. Normally, on a work day, I will get up early and have my porridge, and then take the ibuprofen and paracetemol straight away after eating, so they have time to kick in before I have to walk to the station.

It’s been snowing in the UK, even thought it’s still only November. Thankfully I haven’t had any snow where I live but it has made me a bit worried about what footwear I will be able to get on should it snow. So I’ve been surfing the web in the search of a suitably roomy boot. I may have discovered one. I’ve ordered a pair of Karrimor Women’s Mount Mid L Weathertite Hiking Shoes. The comments on Amazon UK suggest they are a wider fit than normal, so fingers crossed. I’m still waiting for the delivery, and I’ll post the outcome!

Update 29th November 2010: Re: Karrimor Women’s Mount Mid L Weathertite Hiking Shoes. These boots were a great success!! I’ve worn them for a trial walk in the park, and they are so comfortable. I had two pairs of socks on, and they are warm and sturdy, and come up round my ankles giving good firm, support. They are manufactured a little on the wide side, but I think this might be because they expect you to wear thick socks with them. And in my case, they are perfect because my right foot is still swollen and wider and needs more room.


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  1. A Sherwood says:

    Hi, your post is very informative. I had a scarf and akin procedure on 18th November, so am nearly 3 weeks post op. My wound is still very sore, did you have that too? I find this more uncomfortable than the initial bone pain immediately post op. I find it very difficult to move the big toe up and down without doing it manually even though the surgeon says i should be doing exercises. Wen were you able to start moving the toe?


  2. swirlingleaf says:

    Hi Alison, yes I did have a sore wound 2 to 3 weeks after surgery. Also I couldn’t move my big toe up and down at all. When I got to 3 weeks, I had my bandage changed and was then told to do range of motion exercises (hold the toe with your fingers and move it up and down as much as you can tolerate). It remained very stiff for quite some time afterwards. I couldn’t really move my toe much at all (on its own) until the bandages came off about 6 weeks. I was a bit anxious about this, but it is working out fine now. I can move my toe up and down now (although my up movement is not as flexible as before the surgery) and can even “scrunch” the toe now that the swelling has gone down considerably. My surgery was on 25 Sept, so I would say it does take quite a while to get the movement back in your toe, so don’t worry about it, but DO keep doing the range of motion exercises as this will help you get the movement back. I hope it all goes really well, best wishes, Swirlingleaf (Julia)

  3. cheryl meadley says:

    I too found your post very informative, you answered a lot of my questions thankyou.I was beginning to think I was being a wimp but i am glad to know i`m not, ive realised it will take time. I had my op. 7 weeks ago and am still experiencing some pain especially if i have been on my feet too long although i try not to do too much as like you said, my toe is also very stiff and still quite numb in places, did you also have numbness and if so has the feeling come back? Thank you for the advice with regard to walking shoes as this has been a concern for me also.


  4. swirlingleaf says:

    Hi Cheryl. Glad you found my post helpful. No, you’re not a wimp – it does take time to heal. I did get numbness in my big toe, in fact I still have a little bit of numbness down the side of it. The surgeon did warn me about this before the surgery, so I’m not surprise, and it doesn’t cause me any problems at all. I found the feeling has come back but so far not entirely. I know that the incision interferes with the nerves along the side of the foot so that is why you get numbness and pins & needles. Hope you find some good shoes too. This is a worry after surgery, but it does work itself out. Best of luck, Swirlingleaf (Julia)

  5. Karen Bailey says:

    Glad i stumbled on this!
    I’m 6½ weeks post op, came back to work this week but just on shorter days for now. I only had bandages on for the first 2 weeks then my stitches out and back into trainers. I’m still in my trainers now and have been told i will be until mid January. My scar has healed nicely and in some parts it’s knitted back together so well you can’t even see it! I too have some numbness in my toe still, unsure if this will always be the case now or if it will eventually return to full feeling? My toe is still a little stiff and does still ache. I was severely hindered by all the snow we had recently and was housebound instead of getting out to walk even to the shop at the end of my street as i intended in order to get a little excercise to it! I too still walk with a limp and i can’t walk as fast as i could previously yet. My foot also still swells up and the frozen Brussell Sprouts are coming in really handy!! There is still some visible bruising, although it is fading but i’m sure there’s still lots more bruising inside that i can’t see – especially where the screws have been put in. I am quietly confident things will improve and when i go back for a check up in May 2011 i know if they’re happy and i am too then they’ll be booking me in for my right foot doing next! 🙂

  6. sinclair27 says:

    It sounds like you’re doing amazingly well! Congratulations!

    I saw that you were wondering how people cope with bilateral surgery. Well, I can tell you? It’s not too bad in some ways but really tough in others. I had a scarf osteotomy on my right foot and a chevron/akin on my left three weeks ago. The hospital didn’t provide me with the special boot because they had run out (?!!) so they lumped me with a cast shoe despite me having soft bandages like yours. I got worried they were damaging my feet so after a few attempts, I gave up and spent two and a half weeks mainly shuffling on my bottom to get to the bathroom etc. My mum came to London to care for me for a week and a half so that helped a lot. But since I’ve been on my own again I’ve been finding it tough to do things for myself without pain. Having said that, I would have expected a great deal more pain than I’ve had.

    At two weeks the nurses took my bandages off and just put thin dressings on. They came off today and I’m feeling rather strange with my stitches sort of showing. Dissolvables, like yours. I’d rather have little sticky dressings back on but the nurse at the GP couldn’t find any. It’s enough to make me weep, no shoes, no dressings. Actually, I bought my own post surgery shoes which arrived yesterday and they make a big difference to essential walking.

    I spend a lot of time with my feet up and just still do minimal walking. I think I’m getting along ok, I am just terrified that I’ve been on my feet too much, despite really limiting things.

    All in all, I think that it’s not too bad. But I don’t feel like I was supported enough after-care wise so that’s given me more anxiety than I should have had. I’m very positive and hopeful and am looking forward to seeing how I’m doing in 3 more weeks time. Sorry for the super long comment!! 🙂

  7. swirlingleaf says:

    Hi Karen, Hope you are continuing to get on well. Not sure about the numbness question. My consultant said that there may be some residual numbness after the op, so I took that to mean that it might be permanent. But it’s only very slight and not really a problem at all. The snow has been a real problem hasn’t it. It’s such a pain as we don’t normally get much snow in London. I’m not sure exactly where you are, I’m guessing you are in the UK. My foot still swells a bit sometimes too, and I’m nearly three months post op now. I elevate if i have to, and get the frozen peas out, but it’s not required very much these days! You are so brave to even consider getting the other foot done! I’m lucky, I only had a bunion on my right foot, my left foot is fine so I don’t have to make the decision about whether to get the other one done. Hope you have a happy Christmas and get to rest over the festive period 🙂 – Swirlingleaf (Julia)

  8. swirlingleaf says:

    Hello Sinclair27! Thanks for the congrats! So you had bilateral surgery – wow! Impressed! I’m amazed you had to get your own boot though. That’s rough. It’s better to do what’s best for your feet though, rather than struggling through. I didn’t feel that I have had very good support in the follow up period either. Just a couple of follow up appointments which were mainly for wound care and bandage changing, but very little advice on how much to walk and what exercises to do. I’ve had considerable amount of ankle pain since returning to work. I think I must be walking in a slightly funny way and it must be aggravating my tendons. Also, I guess your foot/feet get weak if they are not moving around so you need to build them up again. I hope you get to rest and elevate during the festive period – happy Christmas 🙂 – Swirlingleaf (Julia)

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  10. jenny says:

    So glad I found all your comments. I am 7 weeks post second bunion/hammertoe operation, hav ing had the first one done in August 2010. This second one is behaving slightly differently in so far as the discomfort (no, pain is the word I am looking for !) is worse. By this time with the first one I was back at my job as a shop worker (only 1 day per week as I am a pensioner) and remaining on my feet all day with little problem. However, I can’t see myself getting back to work in the near future because my foot swells a lot, and I am unable to stand on it for long. Trying to restart walking around the block this week, but I’m almost in tears when I get back home. Must persevere though….. Have stopped taking Ibuprofen but think I might take some just so that I can continue with the walking. Lovely to read everyones comments as sometimes you think you are on your own in this, and then realise that we all have the same problems. Glad I only have two feet as I don’t think I could face having this done a third time !!!

  11. swirlingleaf says:

    Hi Jenny, I hope you are feeling a bit better now and your walking is more comfortable. I find it interesting that you have had two bunion ops and that you’ve had different experiences with each one. I have had one, and fortunately, my other foot is fine so I won’t have to go through it again. It is a long haul to get yourself back to walking comfortably. Fingers crossed that the ibuprofen will help you as it gets better, Swirlingleaf (Julia)

  12. jenny says:

    Hi everyone – again, after writing almost 4 weeks ago, I have been (today) to see the Physiotherapist at my hospital. Despite having done all the suggested exercises the range of movement and discomfort seemed to change little, so they suggested I visit them in their department. They gave me some more simple (but rather challenging) exercises which I hope will improve things. One little suggestion I might make to anyone who might be interested is, instead of using frozen peas or the like as an icepack, I had the bright idea of putting my foot inside the Vacuvin Rapid Ice sleeve which we keep in the freezer to chill white wine. It works brilliantly and can be washed easily afterwards. I found it more comfortable to use a sock on the foot at the same time to prevent any burning. My husband also massages my foot with a Novosonic machine which certainly feels as if it doing some good. I live in hope that soon I will be able to walk “normally” especially as I am on holiday from Friday next week and look forward to some Winter sun. I think I need it after this “longhaul” !! Good luck to all fellow post-ops……..

  13. swirlingleaf says:

    Hi Jenny, good tip about the Vacuvin Rapid Ice sleeve.

  14. Sunny says:

    Very Interesting thanks for sharing.

    I am exactly 6 weeks post bilateral and agree with a few of you who said the post operative care was poor. I was not given any information about exercises after my 2 week bandage change appointment. I just went for my 6 week appointment and the doctor said “I hope you’ve been doing your exercises as they’re very important” Obviously I told her it was the first I’d heard of it! The Dr then gave me approximately 90 seconds of her time and promptly sent me on my way saying “no running”
    I have no idea how far the toe should go back and forward normally but currently mines about 30 degrees. Does this sound about right? What should I be aiming for?
    Thanks for all the info and hope everyone is well and truly running by now!

  15. swirlingleaf says:

    Yes I think that sounds about right. I got a bit anxious about the movement in my toe after my surgery, but it does seem to work itself out if you keep it moving. Don’t force it. I’m sorry your post-op advice was poor. I don’t know why they don’t just produce a leaflet to give to you afterwards, then they won’t have to keep saying it (or not saying it!). Good luck with the exercises Sunny!

  16. kay lloyd says:

    Hiya everyone I am post 7 weeks bilateral surgery I too was not given any instructions to exercise after 2 weeks. Just been back to see my consultant and took me off the surgical shoes, had to go straight to the shoe shop took an hour to find shoes that I could get on changed from a size 4 to 6 amazingly. I am going back to work in 2 weeks very scared has I have to drive there (30 miles away) and I am on my feet all day working in a warehouse and still walking like a duck in flippers very slowly. Going to physio session next week hope to improve with excercise.

  17. swirlingleaf says:

    Hi Kay! You’re brave doing bilateral surgery. I hope it’s going well. Good that you found a pair of shoes to fit you. Take it steady, you’ll get there. When I had my surgery, I wondered if I’d ever get my foot into a shoe every again, but of course you do, in time. It’s over a year ago for me now, and I’m walking along as if nothing every happened – apart from having a stiffer toe than I had before. Best of luck, and take it easy before you go back to work. Julia.

  18. Hi everybody, Kim here,
    I’am currently 3 weeks into my post surgery for bilateral bunion surgery on both feet.( permenant screws in place!) Iam 32 and have always had bunions. I agree with all of you out there who have not been giving enough post recovery op information regards to toe movement and walking with the special shoes.. I had my bandages removed just over a week ago. Although friendly the nurse was unable to give me any real advice on what i can and can not do movement wise, she basically said that i was to wear my shoes the entire length of my recovery and to ask my surgeon the questions i wanted asking in 4weeks time. So i am currently making it up as i go along hoping iam doing the right things, who knows?? So far so good. I am without crutches now as I felt they were more hindrance than help,so i use my shoes to get around the best i can.I have noticed this week too that because of the heel walking it has started to throw my back out and my body is quite stiff in general.. neck and back especially.

    I have also noticed this week that although my scars are healing very nicely, my big toes and the surrounding tissue is swollen and tight and not sure if this is due to me not resting up my feet enough or if it’s still part of the recovery?? Overall at this point my recovery has been virtually pain free. I think it is all a massive experiment with clearly many different outcomes and is really dependant on the individuals healing process combined with the amount of post op information you have been given

    Just reading many of these posts the information/ advice given differs greatly… why??? This is clearly an area they need to improve on massively… The day i left hospital i was given conflicting advice by the surgeon and the physios!! The surgeon advised me to move my toes virtually straight away, yet the physios advised me not to move my toes at all for the first week, so who wins that one?? A massive conflict with very differnt results to recovery potentially. All the medical staff need to be on the same side, and agree on the same post op advice to keep things completely clear to all, it would certainly have given me the extra confidence in believing their advice.I left not knowing what was the best thing to do.

    I’am amazed how many different experiences people have had for this type of surgery, and how much it varies between people.Iam really pleased to have found some great advice and post op info It’s been just great to know that you are not making things up or going it alone. Also by voicing your experiences it has made it much more easier to gain greater understanding from those who may of experienced similar problems. Thank you to every one who has been open and honest about their experiences, it has really helped me, as they say knowledge is power, and rightly so.

    There is definitely not enough post op information to be had out there.Like many others I too have had to make it up, and have taken the best action I see fit, by trusting my own instincts, and knowing my own pain threshold levels.Time will tell if i have done the right things or not I suppose.

    I will be seeing my surgeon again in just under 4 weeks time, and I really do I think this is far too long to wait between the surgery itself and post surgery. It is clearly a more lengthy process than anyone could have anticipated from start to finish.

  19. irene says:

    I am going in for bunion surgery on June l5 and both of my jobs, I am on my feet all day I work in a grocery store Deli department and I’m a medical assistant at a very busy Dr. office I have been told that I will be able to return to work in 6 to 8 weeks with no problem, I can’t take more time than that off I’m having one foot done what do you think is the Dr. bring real on me returning to work in this amount of time

  20. irene says:

    what is the earliess that anyone went back to work after a bunion surgery, who had a job that required them to stand the whole time

  21. irene says:

    sorry please reply to my e-mail I need to know these answers before I receive this surgery thank you all for your help in this matter

  22. swirlingleaf says:

    Hello Irene, I think 6 to 8 weeks is the usual advice that surgeons give for having one foot done. That’s certainly what I was told. I went back after 8 weeks. Hope this helps, and best of luck with your surgery, Julia.

  23. swirlingleaf says:

    Hello Kim, how’s it going? I definitely think “swollen and tight” rings a bell! I rememmber, my scar felt quite hard. I thinkthere is a huge difference in the advice given out to patients and I think that causes unnecessary anxiety. Because you can’t move about much, there’s a potential for feeling isolated after this kind of surgery. Thank goodness for the internet! Best wishes, Julia.

  24. sinclair27 says:

    Hi Kim! I hope it’s all going well. I agree with Swirlingleaf, “swollen and tight” does ring a bell. I was very swollen after my surgery for a long time. I had both feet done at once and it really took 12 weeks for the swelling to let me into a pair of trainers two sizes too big for me. My incisions healed very fast, but the rest of the process took a lot longer.

    This is a long-term process and I think consultants make it sound much simpler than it is. What I can tell you is that it was the best thing I ever did. A year and a half on from my surgery I have two perfect, working, pain free, bunion free, sandal wearing feet. I’m very happy and though it was tough on me to be out of action for so long, the procedure really changed my life. I was like you, 30 with bunions on both feet from the age of 14 or so.

    Keep in touch if you need more advice or reassurance. I remember how much boards like this helped me. Just keep those feet elevated when you’re resting.


  25. Hiya Julia and Angela
    Thank you for reassuring me, it really does make all the difference,and its very much appreciated. Yes you are so right regarding the powers and joys of the internet. I managed to get hold of some toe excercises downloaded from the web last week to help me to alleviate the tightness/ stiffness in my big toes and it seems to be doing the trick thus far.Why wasn’t anyone given info like this before they left hospital??? Seems so obvious to me that it would be so beneficial for all alike.

    What a star you are for starting such a fab blog.Well done to all who have posted here with all their thoughts experiences and opinions. Its made my recovery so much easier and less daunting.. Bravo ladies, keep up the good work.Thank you for helping me battle through it, I know i have done the right thing ultimately. Will keep you up to date with my progress. I’m in no doubt that i will be asking you more questions in the next couple of weeks before i go back to work!!

    A quick couple of questions:-

    I work in a busy gift shop, so will be back on my feet for about 7 hours a day most days. Is this too much to do straight away??

    Should i start off slowly and do half a day instead??

    I go back to work beginning of June, so would love to hear from anyone with their opinions/ experiences of their 1st week back at work

    So great to hear your full recovery has been a wonderful success for you. I look forward to similar results I do believe that how ever long it takes me to fully recover, i know that I have no regrets in choosing to have both feet done at the same time. Thank you for all the kind words and support. I will keep you posted, I’m bound to ask a few more questions too before my time is up!!

    Take care best wishes to you both and may you both continue to have successful and active lives,Kim xx

  26. swirlingleaf says:

    Hi Kim, thank you so much for your kind words. Regarding going back to work and being on your feet for 7 hours, that does seem like a lot to me. Mind you, my job is mainly sitting down so it sounds like a lot to me even without the surgery! Is it possible for you to arrange to do a half day to get back into it gently? And how do you get to work? Will you have to walk or drive? You’ll need to factor that in as it is all part of your working day. I know someone at my workplace used some of her annual leave to get back into it gently. I used some of mine too, just to do shorter weeks at first. I know it’s not the best way of using annual leave but at least it can make it more comfortable when you do start back. Best wishes, and let us know how you get on! Julia.

  27. Hey Julia
    I normally have a 15min speed walk into work (pre surgery).I would walk home too after work.
    Thank you for the tip, will have a word with my boss see what we can come up with.
    Yes i thought it would probably be too much to begin with… ever the optimist.
    Also when did you get back into real shoes?? And what were they??
    My post op sandles are not really what i want to be wearing if i pop out.. any suggestions?? Or is 3/4 weeks still too soon to try proper shoes?? Cheers Kim

  28. swirlingleaf says:

    Hi. Here’s my post about getting my shoe on
    I had my surgery on Sept 25th 2010 and got my shoe on on Nov 11th. I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t get my shoe back on in time for going back to work, but I did and it was ok. There will be some swelling still, and you may have to elevate a bit (when you get back home or maybe in your lunch hour). You can see from the pics the type of shoe I was wearing. The big clompy ones aren’t exactly “girl about town” but I wanted to protect my toe (had to get on and off the tube in London). You could wear sandles (not the post op ones) to give your feet a bit of expansion room, or a roomy trainer. Best wishes, Julia.

  29. Sormeh Afkari says:

    Oh, my god I am so excited to have found this blog. I’m booked in to have a bilateral surgery in 7 weeks and starting to freak out abit because of all the different experiences. Julia and Angela (and anyone else) since you both had your surgery so long ago, can I ask few questions,
    Has your flexibility and movement in your toes gone back to normal?
    Would it be realistic for me to be able to travel to Mexico and walk around 15 weeks post operation?
    and one last thing, I met a lady who had the operation 4 years ago and she said she is very limited in the types of shoes she wears as any shoe that goes over where her pins are causes her pain. Are you having this problem too?

    Thankyou so much

  30. swirlingleaf says:

    Hi! And welcome to the blog! I only had one foot done and went to work after 8 weeks. I remember I was still walking gingerly and experiencing some swelling which went on for quite a while – that’s normal. Do you know how much walking you are likely to be doing in Mexico? And what does your surgeon say? My toe is not as flexible now as before, and has been shortened. I was warned about this by my surgeon before surgery. But it’s ok and I’ve started jogging now without any trouble. Best wishes, Julia.

  31. swirlingleaf says:

    About the pins: no I’ve never had any trouble with sensitivity or pain around the pins in my foot, nor had any trouble with shoes because of the pins. Julia.

  32. sormeh says:

    Hi Julia,

    To be honest I have no idea how much walking I be doing, but usually when I travel I do tend to walk around a bit to see more, but I’m not doing anything more than touristy stuffMy surgeon tells me I be fine and walking no problem by week 8-10, butt from what I’ve read everyone spears to be limping and in a little bit of pain still at that time.I get the feeling they like to sweeten the recovery time a little!


  33. sinclair27 says:

    Hey thre Sormeh! Your surgery must be coming up really soon now. Good luck – you’ll be fine!

    So, I’ve just looked back at what I was doing 15 weeks post bi-lateral surgery. I had just gone back to work and was still on crutches for support, not for full use. My surgery went fantastically well and my recovery was great too. The reality however was that it took much longer for me to be able to walk comfortably. I think I had around a week or so with the crutches at work and then I ditched them entirely at around week 16/17.

    I have to say though that there was no way I could have done a lot of walking at that stage although things improved rapidly from that point onward. I waited another few months before I went on holiday.

    Everyone is different and I’ve heard stories about people who were running 15 weeks after bi-lateral surgery, so I’m just one example of many.

    Now, a year and 9 months later I have no problem with flexibility or any other side effects from the surgery. My feet look great! My second toe causes me a bit of a problem on my right foot but that is a very recent thing and hopefully it’s just some long-term adjustment. I’m so glad I had the surgery. It changed my life for the better!

    All the best. Feel free to ask me any questions!

  34. Elaine says:

    Hi Julia

  35. Elaine says:

    Hi Julia
    Reading about going back to work. I am currently 4 weeks post surgery having had both feet, bunions and hammer toe corrections. I have initially been signed off work for 8 weeks. K wires do to be removed 29 August. I am on my feet all the time at work. So I’m thinking perhaps it will be a while longer than eight weeks before I go back.

  36. Jane Harvey says:

    I had an my bunion corrected and a K wire in the second toe 12 days ago. I have a shoe to wear for 6 weeks and the stitches are to come out next Tuesday. The hopitaI gave me crutches, but I don’t seem to need them at home. I teach Reception children, so am anxious to return to work asap. I’m beginning to think that I’m being a bit unrealistic! I had planned to return to work next week! The children only come in for the mornings until the following Thursday.
    Thoughts, anyone?
    Thanks, Jane.

  37. Emma. says:

    Hi All.
    Im going into The Berkshire independent Hospital this friday 7/9/12 to have my Left foot bunion removed.
    Im looking forward to having this painful bunion removed but a bit worried about how much time i will be laid up. Im a full time mum/housewife and this is going to throw all the routines in my family life.
    But saying that i think all the upset with routine will be worth it for me.
    I found this fab blog page while looking for a picture of the boot i have the pleasure of wearing soon. Im glad i found this site as i now know what lays in store for me from Friday.

  38. i havn’t been given a sloping bunion boot- where should I ask for one?

  39. heidimich says:

    Hi, I had bunion osteotomy on my right foot last Thursday (27 sept). I had read so many things before my op but this prepared me for everything. It was my first ever operation too and first ever general anaesthetic. Everything went well, I was home the same day and I’ve kept my foot elevated, apart from hobbling to the bathroom etc.
    I went back to the hospital on weds, so 6 days after the operation and the nurse took my bandages off! My foot looked like something from a horror movie! She cleaned the blood from around the stitches and put a large lightweight plaster over the stitches. One of the stitches (the knot) was still bleeding, is this normal to have bandages removed so early? I must admit my foot felt so much lighter with the bandages off and I’ve been able to hobble a lot more. I’m going on Monday (8 oct) for stitches removed, is this too early?? This is what I’m worried about.
    I have the wedge shoe which I think is great and much better than the flat shoe.
    I have to go in 4 weeks for another X-ray, and he has given me 4 weeks off work. I really think I may need another one or two though.
    When you have your X-ray at 5 weeks is this the time that you remove the shoe?.. Is it painful and difficult to walk without it?… How long does it take after removal of shoe to walk?
    Good luck to everyone who is having a bunion operation.. Heidi

  40. Alice says:

    Hi, I had my right foot done about 5 years ago and recovery was pretty quick. I just had two pins put in and a bit of bone shaved off where the bunion was. I was given one of the sloping shoes and was off work for approximately 2 weeks.
    I eventually got my act together to be referred for my left foot and long second toe to be done this year and had the op last Wednesday. When I was attending the initial assessment appointment the surgeon noted that the bunion on the right foot was coming back and my big toe was twisting again and said that it might be a good idea in the future to have it corrected again! She felt that the type of surgery done on the right foot wasn’t sufficient considering it was a such a sizeable bunion – great!
    Anyway, had my left foot operated on last Wednesday and am in bandages and a backslab cast for two weeks. Will then have that removed and will be put in a fibreglass cast for 4 weeks. After that will have two weeks of an aircast boot. Am finding this foot is much more uncomfortable and my leg is aching so much. For the first couple of days I had horrendous cramps in my toes and was so worried they were bending and all the good work was being ruined! I’m also struggling to find any comfortable position to lay or sit as my thigh is really achey. Can’t put a laptop on my lap and starting to go bonkers with boredom!!

  41. Cherissey says:

    Hi there
    I had a akins osteotomy bunion op just over two weeks ago, so a bit of bone removed and pins and screws put in which will stay in, unless they ever move etc.
    Ive just begun to walk on my heel now, with the help of one crutch and I dont have much pain until the evenings, when my foot and ankle is a lot more swollen. I had my bandages off last Friday and the podiatrist seemed really happy.
    I haven’t been given any exercises or follow up appointments (apart from one 6 months from now) or a follow up x-ray.
    Every night I have these sharp pains through the middle of my foot and im worried that the pins are pressing on nerves.. but I may just be paranoid.
    Has anyone else had this? I cant seem to get comfortable
    I cant imagine trying to move my toe yet but thats because it still really hurts.
    I might start trying next week though.
    If anyone could tell me the sort of pain that is normal I would really appreciate it,
    I’m finding myself getting upset a lot.

    Thanks to all fellow sufferers.

  42. Sue Williams says:

    Hello Cherissey, Had bunion op on left foot on 12 November, 2012. Returned to work last Monday. One of the exercises I was told about was move your foot in circles etc through the alphabet every hour!! I also used to get shooting pains & i did go through a period of wishing i hadnt had the op done in the first place !!

    We are about the same stage now. Have you gone back to work yet & today my ankle has been particularly swollen, so have got a cushion on my raised foot rest so i can have foot elevated while sitting at my desk !!

    Let me know how you are getting on !

  43. Just wondering how things were for you going back to work at the 8 week mark? Im back next week and honestly very anxious as I still have a funny walk and am bringing a stick (more for protection on the bus). I have to wear the sandals for another two weeks but admittedly have been putting on my converse when going out because they sandals are two left footed ones (hospital mistake, it’s only the velcro that affected, but it looks odd, as I am technically wearing two left footed shoes and thats embarrassing, I cant go back to hosp either for two weeks. My toed have been sore the past few days too, no physio either. Just feeling at a loss and feeling the sting of being a public patient. Any tips for going back to work?

  44. Susan Williams says:

    Hi, I must admit, i could NOT have gone back to work at 8 weeks, & my Doctor signed me off for a further 4 weeks. If you are at all worried, you should phone your hospital & get an appointment sooner. Get that left shoe sorted too. Perhaps you could start wearing trainers now, as they give more support!!

    I am afraid i dont mess about. It i am not happy or unsure oh what stage i was at I telephone my Podiatrist at the hosptal. He/she will help you feel better about stuff!!

    Hope i have been a little help! – Sue

  45. Thanks Sue, unfortunately I’m out of sick leave; the doc on duty last time I went to the hosp told me I could go back to work as of two weeks ago, but when my boss saw me she sent me home and told me to use up my final two weeks entitlement which was great. I’ve worn soft trainers a few times over the past fortnight and that was ok, but sure now ESP where the shoe rubs against the wound ;bear in mind I’ve the scars and bruises on both great toes and little toes.. Ouch. The hospital shoes are identical to each other bar the Velcro positioning so it just looks rubbish, more my pride than anything! I am worried about work Tuesday, although my boss has insisted ill be phased in. I would ring the hosp but I don’t have a podiatrist (maybe you’re in the US?) and it’s virtually impossible to get an apt (as you’ll see from my blog!). Just feeling tender today, wore my partners size 8 runners to go to the shops as mine (size 5/6) rub, and couldn’t find any wide enough in the local Primark; don’t want to spend a fortune on something ill only wear for a couple of weeks.
    Agh i just thought things would have improved by now!

  46. Sue Williams says:

    I am in Hinckley, Leicestershire, not the US – I guess I have been very lucky as my op was done in the little local hospital. Must admit I did go and buy a pair of wide fit shoes a size bigger, they cost £34 (I think) & also bought a pair of slippers a size bigger. I also wore a pair of trainers but didnt lace them up using ALL the holes, & stretched them as wide as i could & i found they supported my foot. HOWEVER, i have only had big toe on1 foot done, have you had both feet done?? Big & little toes ?? Goodness me no wonder you are going through it then !!

  47. Sue Williams says:

    Also, I started a ‘Beginners Circuits’ class at my gym last week & also did aqua-aerobics on holiday 3 weeks ago. Trust me it DOES get better but its a very very slow process!!

  48. Gemma says:

    Your story was very helpful. I am on week 4 and half a cast on for another 2 weeks on top of the 2 weeks I have already had it. I am experiencing bad calf pain every time I get up from sitting or lying down, but only last for a little while. I have a Velcro shoe I can use when out and about to help with leaning if I have to stand for a bit, my good leg and arch on foot get painful. With this shoe I have slowly put pressure on the heal to walk up and down stairs, not sure if I’m allowed but I do what I can until it doesn’t feel right. I have been using cream on my toes as I noticed they are getting dry in between.
    Thanks once again for the blog.

  49. Sue says:

    Hi, I was told to moisturize my foot every day, so i got some E45 lotion which was ideal. That will soon sort your toes out ! You should have been given instructions on what you can do & when, but even then if I didnt feel ready to do something at the time my doc suggested, i waited & did it when I was ready we know our own bodies at the end of the day. You must take things slowly but I know how you are feeling, you just want to get on with it, & had enouigh of all the sitting around depending on people!!

    I know you will continue to improve, but even now I sometimes get ‘foot ache’ if I have overdone it lol !!

    Hope I have been helpful.

  50. Hey there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted
    to give a quick shout out and say I truly enjoy reading your posts.
    Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics?
    Thanks a ton!

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