This will probably be my last post on the subject of bunions!

I went the hospital yesterday for my final follow up appointment after my bunion surgery in September 2010. As all has been going very well, the doctor has discharged me.

My walking has continued to improve: I’m just over 4 months now since my surgery.

I got rid of that awful ankle pain shortly after Christmas, which made walking so much easier. My foot is still liable to swell a little, and I have been walking with my weight on the outer part of my foot. But as the swelling and discomfort diminishes, I’ve been able to put more weight on the big toe side of my foot and push off more from that side. I reckon after about 6 months I should be more comfortable.

My big toe is stiffer than it was before the surgery, which I was told about, but as I’m not a dancer or a runner, I’m not too bothered by that. Also I lost some feeling on the side of my big toe, because the surgery affects the nerves for this part of the foot. I was also warned about this, but again it doesn’ t bother me. And in any case I have found that most of the feeling is returning.

Sadly my toe nail was damaged during the surgery, and the doctor told me it might drop off! I feel a bit sicky thinking about that, but I guess it’s not the end of the world!

Onwards and upwards!

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7 Responses to Discharged!

  1. swirlingleaf says:

    Many thanks!! 🙂

  2. Christine Simpson says:


    Just read your bunion op experience and it seems similar to my own. I had mine on 14 February this year on my left foot. Like you, can’t move my big toe as much as before and it’s a bit numb. Still getting a bit of swelling and at moment am experiencing ankle pain when walking which I didn’t have at first. You seem to have had the same problem as I wondered if it was normal. Am hoping it will disappear quite soon as I was thinking of making another appointment with the surgeon. He discharged me after six weeks.

    Glad to share this with you.

  3. swirlingleaf says:

    Hi Christine. I think it is quite normal to have some ankle pain. I think because your foot is immobilised for so long then the muscle tone is weakened. Then the tendons are working overtime trying to keep you balanced, and can get stretched and overworked. Of course this is only my opinion and I’m not a doctor. If you’re concerned then go back to your surgeon or get medical advice. My ankle pain completely disappeared after a few weeks, presumably after the ankle strengthened up again. I’m absolutely fine now. Good luck, and I’m sure it’s sort itself out soon 🙂 best wishes, Julia.

  4. Karen says:


    Just read your bunion blog. I had the same surgery 2 weeks ago and was getting very frustrated at my lack of progress (not able to weight bear on the ball of my foot, definitely not able to push off, still swelling if the foot is down for more than a few minutes). I read your blog and realised that I am being completely unrealistic. I’ve had my check up, there are no problems, I just need to relax a bit and accept that progress is slow but steady. Your blog has really helped – many thanks.


  5. swirlingleaf says:

    Hi Karen. I’m so glad my blog has helped you. It’s hard to know what to expect when you go in for the surgery, which is really why I decided to write down my experiences. How are you getting on? It’s a slow journey to get back on your feet again, and even to get your foot in a shoe again! So definitely relax and catch up on some videos or TV!! Best of luck, Julia.

  6. Melinda says:

    Hi There,

    I had the scarf and akin surgery on my left foot 16 days ago. I got my stitches out yesterday. Up untill now I have had hardly any pain but my foot is really sore now. It hurt to get my stiches out. I’ve just been told that, this could be a sign of an infection. Do you rember if your foot was sore after having the stiches out? i’m no drama queen but I don’t want to get an infection. And help on this would be awesome. Thank you, Mel

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