Getting back into swimming now in a big way. I’m feeling fitter and able now that my bunion surgery has been a success and my foot is feeling more comfortable. Also it’s a test for my knee as well (had an arthroscopy in April 2010). It’s doing well, but a little sore when I do the breast stroke. Must be the different movement that’s making it feel odd.

But all in all I feel very upbeat and happy that I can do physical stuff again. At first it was just a joy to be able to walk normally. I joined a gym (but only to swim) and have access to the sauna, steam room and aromatherapy room as well, which I love.

Onwards and upward!!

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2 Responses to Swimming!

  1. Hey Julia, I’am also wanting to get back into swimming after my bunion surgery. How long have you waited before making a splash again??

  2. swirlingleaf says:

    Hi Kim. I think I left it about three months or so. It was fine when I started, just noticed my big toe felt a bit stiff when pushing off the wall. I think the hardest thing was getting in and out of the pool and trying not to bang my foot!!

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