Blog makeover

Hi all, I’ve given the blog a little makeover, changed its name and trimmed a few posts. I’ve decided to make it a bunion only blog, so I’ve trimmed it down by removing the non-bunion posts and left it as a record of my bunion journey. I never thought when I wrote the blog that there would be so many people who have been helped by it and also able to contact and help each other. I only ever wrote it to while away the hours while I was stuck in my bed or in my room while I recovered. Best wishes to all of you, and may you be running, walking, swimming and dancing very soon! Hugs, Julia.

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3 Responses to Blog makeover

  1. Mavis says:

    So today I went to a physiotherapist because last Monday the nurse at the hospital said I shouldn’t be in any pain on walking at 11 weeks post op and my scar was tight and raised and might need an injection or an operation. Felt sick. I had done some of the exercise but not consistently so maybe it’s my fault. After stubbing the straightened toe it took two weeks for trhe pain to east. My big toe is very stiff and is painful underneath when I walk.. It feels very tight. I am doing the exercises in earnest now. Painful but bearable. I’ve started to think I’ll never be able to walk properly. The physio said the sensitivity I feel on the skin of my big toe and on the bunion scar, the warm feeling of my foot and the redness when the foot is down and still, makes her think I have CRPS. I’ve looked this up and am now feeling frightened again. The nurse says I’m to see the surgeon again at the end of October. Meanwhile I’m doing de sensitising exercises (brushing over it and touching it gently) to the toe and scar, massaging the scar with olive oil, pulling the big toe up exercises and manually trying to bend it. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone else? Will I walk without pain again. Thanks Mavis

  2. Jean says:

    Hi Mavis, this is a long shot but try rubbing with comfry oil it is a herb that was called knitbone by my grannie, I had a broken wrist may years ago and my Dr told me to use it then and it worked, all Health Stores sell it, I am only 7 days post op, but I will be using it when I am able to massage my foot, take care hope you are feeling better,

  3. Marie says:

    Thank you Julia. I have only left 2 posts. Mostly read others which has been an enormous help. Reading your blog helped to overcome fear and provide first hand experience which I am grateful. Thank you. I am 9 days post operation. All seems ok. Wishing u well.

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