The mystery of the disappearing toenails

One thing I didn’t blog about at the time of my surgery 7 years ago (as it was a bit gross) was about the odd thing that happened to my big toenails.

After my surgery, my big toenail started to discolour and look a bit dodgy. Eventually it fell clean off! Before then because I was worried about it I went to my NHS walk in centre and asked the nurse about it. I thought, not unreasonably, that it was something to do with my bunion surgery. Perhaps my toenail got infected or it was knocked somehow in surgery. She thought that was unlikely to have happened. She didn’t prescribe antibiotics at the time because they are understandably reluctant to give them out unless there is a pressing need.

So, I went off home with my dodgy toenail and it eventually just fell off! I thought that was strange, but then stranger still – the other big toenail on my left foot started to go funny. To cut a long story short, the same thing happened and it fell off. None of the other toenails were affected.

Both toenails grew back over time and there was no harm done. I’ve never had anything like that since. I think my right toenail went into shock because of the surgery and my left one came out in sympathy!

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