About me

I started this blog after bunion surgery in 2010, mainly to keep myself occupied during my recuperation. I don’t actively add to it much anymore because it’s now 7 years later (2017) and I have moved beyond the surgery into enjoying an active life.

I live in Nottinghamshire in England now, but I had my NHS surgery when I was living in London, UK.

I am keeping this blog live because the posts still get lots of hits and comments so I hope it will continue to provide help and tips and support for anyone thinking of undergoing bunion surgery or anyone currently undergoing it.

I particularly like the comments that readers have added to help and support each other.

I am very pleased with my surgery and it has enabled me to walk without pain and lead an active life again.

I am not a medical professional and can only give you my experiences as an ordinary person, so if you have medical questions then as always it’s advisable to talk to your doctor to get informed advice.

Best of luck and best foot forward!

You can contact me on twitter @bunionchat